Three wheelers

Alongside our main business of building one off custom bicycles for individual clients, Whippet Cycling Co. also specialises in designing and building three wheelers for commercial clients.

The bicycles are based around two classic designs: a fully custom built front loader, and a modified off the peg trike with custom rear box. Both designs can be fully adapted to your needs and specifications including loading box, insulation, paint colours and branding.

Rear Loader


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Pros of this design:

  • Fully working bicycle – can be easily ridden by an inexperienced rider (dependent on load)
  • Quicker turnaround
  • More cost effective

Cons of this design:

  • Limitation to dimensions on rear loading box

Fully custom front loader 


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Pros of this design:

  • Fully customisable across all specifications.
  • Large load capacity
  • Classic aesthetic

Cons of this design:

  • Advanced riding skills needed to operate. As such this design works better as a prop rather than mode of transportation
  • Higher price and longer turnaround due to it being built from scratch.



While each job is different and costs/time will vary depending on the complexity of deisgn, average prices (subject to change) are as follows:

Rear loader – approximately R7,500-10,000 with a 4 week turnaround

Front loader – c. R15,000 with a 8-10 week turnaround