Restoration and period rebuilds of classic steel bicycles can be done to various levels of detail, dependent on your requirements and budget. At the top end,  frames are professionally resprayed with original detailing hand-painted on, and matched to the correct era components.

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Tour of Ara and Eroica South Africa

There are currently two major South African vintage bicycle events held annually – the Tour of Ara and Eroica South Africa.

The Tour is a prestige multi-stage race held in the Karoo, in which the requirement is for entrants to ride a pre-1999 South African built steel frame with period correct components.

The Eroica South Africa event is a vintage festival held in Montagu, Western Cape.  There are three gravel routes of various distances, of which two have regulations governing the bicycles that can be ridden. These must be vintage steel road racing bicycles built in or before 1999, with down tube shifters, and pedals with toe clips and straps.

Whippet has a wealth of experience building and sourcing components for both these events. Please contact us for further details.